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Service Area

WE LAUNCH THE BOAT FOR YOU :-).  You will arrive at our business 7129 Rapid City Road, Rapid City, MI 49676 for check in and then be off to the launch site.   The Torch River where we launch is located at 8501 Aarwood Trail NW, Rapid City, MI 49676. It is a short, 10 minute ride out to Torch lake, or you can head south on the river to Lake Skegemog and Elk Lake. The chain of lakes is so diverse it provides all types of lake size, various levels of solitude, and landscape.  Consolidate cars at our business.  All renters must park vehicles on the road next to launch ramp parking lot.  No driving down to the water launch.  

Boat Pick Up & Delivery - An Option for lakes besides Torch

Pick Up Option 

Pick up of our Pontoons from our location at 7129 Rapid City Road, Rapid City MI 49676 is DELIVERY FEE-FREE and allowed for multi-day rentals.

Other lakes

Delivery to other lakes other than Torch (FREE/INCLUDED) is available for 2 days or more rentals.

Delivery Fees are 7 dollars per mile, for example, delivery to Silver Lake DNR launch in Traverse City is 26 Miles and would cost 26 Miles x $7 dollars is a total of $182 (Total for delivery and pickup).

Boat Launch Areas

  • Torch River
  • Long Lake
  • Spider Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Duck Lake
  • Lake Leelanau
  • Green Lake
  • Pick up location

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Up North Pontoon Rentals

7129 Rapid City Road
Rapid City, MI   49676

Phone: (231) 331-5070