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Question 1: What are the requirements for renting a pontoon? 

Answer:  The renter and primary driver of rentals must be 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and a credit card.
The renter and any others who may drive the pontoon are also required to be a part of the onboarding and safety demonstration. We reserve the right to not rent to anyone based on our judgment of the ability of the renter to have a safe day for all on the water. The person that books the reservation and anyone else who wishes to drive needs to be at the launch at the time of the rental for a safety and operation overview. 
Boating can be dangerous and UNPR, Inc. will not be held liable for accidents during the rental and will hold the UNPR, Inc. and its employees harmless.

Question 2: Are reservations required?

AnswerYes, we still take reservations on the day of the rental. Use the BOOK NOW button to see live availability. Northern Michigan is a popular vacation destination, and this means that rentals are sometimes reserved well in advance so families and groups can be sure to fit a day on the lake into their schedule. Our most favorite boats always rent first!

A $400 hold for damage will be placed on your card the morning of your rental.

Question 3: Do we. have to fill out waivers?

Waivers will be provided at checkout online, the renter is required to sign the waiver.

Question 4: What do I need to bring when renting a boat?

Answer: What do I need to bring when renting a boat?
Great question! One of the great things about pontoons is that they have space. Here’s a list of things we know our customers love to have with them when they go out for the day.
Cooler with food, drinks, ice
Fully charged cell phone
Credit card/money
Photo ID
Dramamine (in case you or anyone is prone to seasickness)
Sunglasses, towels
Water toys, floats, water noodles, goggles, bucket, nets, balls

Question 5: What’s not allowed on a boat?

AnswerWe don’t like telling people what to do but there are safety regulations we need you to follow: 
BBQ grills

Question 6: What are the pontoon boat departure times?

Answer: These are defined through our booking process but launches start at 9 am end at 7 pm. They are first booked first served for preference.

Question 7: What do I need to bring when renting a boat?

Answer: License, sensible clothing!

Question 8: What if the weather doesn’t look good on the day of our rental?

If your trip is canceled by Up North Pontoon Rentals, Inc. due to weather, we will do our best to reschedule you based on our availability. If not, a refund will be issued.
Do not assume your reservation is canceled due to weather, please see the cancellation policy

Question 9: Is alcohol allowed on the vessel?

Alcohol is allowed on the pontoon. Just like driving a car, it is important to have a designated driver. It is a violation of Michigan law to operate a pontoon while impaired by alcohol or drugs. If pulled over, the vessel operator suspected of boating under the influence must submit to sobriety tests that can include measuring blood or breath alcohol content (.08 or above is considered under the influence).

Question 10: Can we fish on the pontoon?

Answer: Fishing is allowed on the pontoon for individuals that follow Michigan Fishing License rules, see retailer. Worms, fish, etc. are very dirty items and simply wiping hands on the floor or seat will result in hefty cleaning fees, be aware of the risk and judge for yourself if it is worth it.

Question 11: Who must wear a life jacket?

Answer: Michigan law requires all children under 6 years of age to wear a USCG–approved Type I or II PFD when riding on the open deck of any vessel while underway

Question 12: What is a no-wake zone?

Answer: A wake refers to the waves created as a vessel travels through water. A ‘no wake zone' is an area where vessels are expected to travel at slow (idle) speeds to minimize the wake.

Question 13: What is there to do on a pontoon? 

Answer: There is nothing better than spending the day on a pontoon. Pulling the kids on the tube is a good start. The Chain of lakes has several locations to travel to. Have a look at our map page to get an overview. There are also restaurant opportunities at several locations.

Question 14: Do you have parking?
Answer: We have been asked to have all of our customers park by the road at the launch so that there is ample room for citizens with trailers in the parking lot.  Keep your tires off the pavement to avoid a ticket. 

Question 15: What’s Torch Lake?

Answer: Great Lakes Living explains it well here!


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